We live for aha! moments and student triumphs

Preparing For
College & Beyond

Planning for college can be both incredibly exciting and somewhat daunting. Our passion lies in helping students develop executive function skills and get the SAT or ACT score required to get into the school of their dreams.

We operate entirely online so students can learn from anywhere and fit tutoring into even the busiest schedules. Sessions are one-on-one with the same teacher every time.

We have extensive experience helping students with ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, and other learning differences succeed.

Our Services

Test Prep

SAT & ACT Tutoring

Test Prep is not one size fits all. Each student comes in with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and concerns.

Our individualized approach and curriculum teaches students test structure and skills and equips students with a customized plan for pacing and strategy so that they can reach their goals faster.

Executive Function Coaching

Weekly Skill Building For Success

Our coaching sessions help students develop the skills to succeed in school and in life. They learn how to shift their mindsets, how their brain works best, and how to capitalize on their strengths.

In our meetings, we will develop systems and routines unique to your student that give them the confidence to plan, organize, and execute independently.

Accommodations Advising

Assistance Navigating The Process

Navigating the accommodations process can be incredibly overwhelming. We help families determine next steps, communicate with their school support team and negotiate the process with the testing companies.


Who Do We Work With?

We are committed to helping ALL students on their journey to college and beyond. We have extensive experience helping students with ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, and other learning differences excel.

In addition to supporting students with learning differences, we also work with many students every year who have not been diagnosed with learning differences. We believe that every person is unique, and our approach to teaching reflects that. Our students often tell us that our highly individualized sessions offer the best instruction they have ever had. Families are grateful to be able to bring each of their children to work with us for the same level of warmth and customized instruction.





Learning Differences

Owner & Lead Instructor

Megan Watkins

We know it sounds nerdy, but we love school and standardized tests. Please give us a call if you need a little guidance (or a lot!) or have a student that is interested in working with us. 

We will happily help however we can.


Sophomore to Senior Testing Timeline

One of the first questions of the college admissions process – and one that we hear most frequently – is when to start. Should your student wait until junior year, or should he or she get the ball rolling freshman year?

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Understanding Accommodations

If your student regularly uses accommodations at their school, or if you suspect that they might have a learning difference, it might be helpful for them to have accommodations when they take the ACT or SAT.

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Kind Words

Ben is loving the ACT prep. He came home last night bubbling about college and testing and how good the class was.

He actually said, "I really need to start thinking about colleges." I had to glance over in the car to confirm that this was my son talking.
Austin High Parent
All I can say is you are THE BEST!!! You seem to have a really good understanding of him. . . his personality, mindset, what drives him, as well as his intellectual abilities.

I love your energy, enthusiasm, and clear desire to tailor your approach to each individual student after taking the time to really "get" who they are. In addition, I really appreciate your ability to being understanding yet firm with the student regarding the importance of completing homework etc and for holding him to the high standard that he truly does deserve to be held to.

It is a HUGE RELIEF to see what a good fit you are for him.
Anderson High Parent
He just got offered a $36,000 scholarship based on his test score! Thank you so much!
Westwood Parent

Above all else, we are teachers.

We live for aha! moments and student triumphs. We are always looking for a better way: to connect with students, to make a tough skill suddenly feel easy, to support families as they navigate through the process of finding the best education for their students.

100% Online

Learn From Anywhere

All of our sessions happen online using Zoom so you can fit tutoring into even the busiest schedules.

Each session is one-on-one with the same teacher every time.

Our Mission

Equip & Empower

Our mission is to transform the way students think about themselves and what they are capable of accomplishing.